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Elementor AI

The AI revolution is sweeping across the internet, transforming industries and revolutionizing the way we interact with technology. In the realm of web design, Elementor, the leading WordPress website builder, is not one to be left behind. 

With the release of Elementor v3.13, they have unveiled their latest game-changer: Elementor AI. This powerful tool is set to empower website creators by harnessing the capabilities of artificial intelligence to generate and enhance text, custom code, and even images.

In this blog post, we will delve deeper into the world of Elementor AI and explore its various features and functionalities.

We’ll uncover how this powerful tool can enhance the web design process, save time and effort, and elevate the overall quality of websites. 

What is Elementor AI?

Elementor AI is an innovative feature introduced in Elementor v3.13, the leading WordPress website builder. It leverages the capabilities of artificial intelligence to revolutionize the web design process. 

By utilizing cutting-edge algorithms and data-driven insights, Elementor AI empowers designers to effortlessly generate and enhance the text, custom code, and images.

Elementor AI empowers web designers by offering the following capabilities:

  • Text Generation: With Elementor AI, web designers can effortlessly generate headings and paragraph text for their web pages. This feature eliminates the need for manual content creation, providing instant and customizable text options. Elementor has added an AI writing assistant for every text area in Elementor. The AI assistant also analyzes the content and provides intelligent suggestions for the text, helping designers craft compelling headlines, engaging paragraphs, and persuasive copy.
  • Translation Capabilities: Elementor AI offers a convenient translation feature that allows web designers to seamlessly translate their websites into the 25 most popular languages. With a handy dropdown menu in the Editor, designers can easily select the desired language and instantly generate translations for their website’s content. 
  • Custom Code Generation: Elementor AI simplifies the process of generating custom code by offering functionality within the HTML widget. Additionally, for Elementor Pro users, it enables the creation of custom code and custom CSS, providing flexibility and control over the website’s design and functionality.
  • Image Generation (Coming soon): Elementor AI is continuously evolving, and an upcoming feature includes the generation of images. This functionality will offer designers access to use AI to generate images for their websites.

Now, let’s look at how Elementor AI works

How does Elementor AI work?

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Elementor AI leverages machine learning algorithms to analyze website content and provide valuable suggestions for improvement. 

By assessing the text, it can evaluate tone, style, and grammar accuracy, enabling web designers to refine their content to perfection. 

Moreover, Elementor AI goes beyond text analysis and offers suggestions for custom code snippets, enhancing the functionality of websites. 

With the power of Elementor AI, designers can optimize their content and add advanced features effortlessly, saving time and ensuring a seamless user experience.

How much does Elementor AI cost?

Elementor AI comes with a free version that is accessible to all WordPress websites using the Elementor website builder. 

However, features like Custom CSS and Custom Code Assistant are not available in the free version. Additionally, the free version offers limited credits for text generation.

For unlimited access to text and code generation across all websites associated with your Elementor account, you can subscribe to Elementor AI Write. 

The subscription is priced at $2.99 per month, billed yearly at $35.88. This subscription unlocks the full potential of Elementor AI, providing seamless and unrestricted access to generate text and code, and empowering web designers to create captivating websites with ease.

Now, that we know much Elementor AI costs let’s dive into how you can access and use Elementor AI.

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How to access and use Elementor AI

To access and utilize Elementor AI, follow these simple steps:

1. Create and edit a page with Elementor: Begin by creating a new page or editing an existing one using Elementor. If you’re unsure how to do this, refer to this tutorial for guidance.

2. Add a text widget: Once you’re in the Elementor editor, locate the sidebar and find the “Text Editor” or “Heading” widget. Drag and drop this widget onto the page, where you want to generate text.

3. Click on “Write with AI”: With the text widget added, you’ll see a button labeled “Write with AI”. Click on this button to initiate the Elementor AI assistant. It will open up a user-friendly interface where you can access the AI-powered text generation and enhancement features.

By following these steps, you can seamlessly access and leverage the power of Elementor AI to generate engaging and high-quality text content for your web pages. 

Enjoy the convenience and efficiency that Elementor AI brings to your web design workflow.

Elementor AI free version

The free version of the Elementor AI comes with features such as:

  1. Generate Text: The free version of Elementor AI allows you to generate text effortlessly. Use this feature to quickly create engaging headings, paragraphs, and more for your website content.
  2. Create Code in the HTML Widget: With the free version, you can generate and insert code snippets using the HTML widget. 
  3. Limited Credits: The free version of Elementor AI provides you with limited credits for text generation. Once you exhaust your credits, you may need to subscribe to a paid plan to continue using the feature.

Elementor AI Pro version

The Elementor AI Pro version includes all the features available in the free version and offers additional capabilities for advanced customization and functionality:

  1. Custom CSS: With Elementor AI Pro, you can access the Custom CSS feature, allowing you to generate custom CSS code.
  2. Custom Code: The Pro version extends your abilities by offering the Custom Code functionality. This feature enables you to add custom code snippets to enhance the functionality and design of your website further.
  3. Pricing: The Elementor AI Pro version is available at a subscription price of $2.99 per month or $35.88 per year. By upgrading to the Pro version, you gain unlimited access to text and code generation for all websites associated with your Elementor account.
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