How To Use Google Lens On PC in 2022

How To Use Google Lens On PC

In 2017, Google released Google Lens, an AI-powered application that allows users to capture and view information. With Google Lens, you can capture images, scan text, identify landmarks, and search for them on Google.

How To Use Google Lens On PC

By using this application, one can access information about objects in pictures. It’s a way of using the camera on your phone to understand a lot more about your surroundings.

Google Lens can be used on both a computer and a phone. In this brief tutorial, we’ll demonstrate how to use Google Lens on PC to convert handwritten content into digital text.

This is useful for creating electronic documents from handwritten content fast and easily.

What is Google Lens and How Does It Work?

Google Lens is an AI-powered tool that uses the camera on your smartphone along with deep machine learning to not only recognize an object in front of the lens but also comprehend it.

When Google Lens captures an image, it pays close attention to every detail in the image, including the layout and texture of the image, and gives you a better understanding of the object in the image.

How To Use Google Lens On Pc (Simple Method)

In this simple tutorial, I’ll show you how to use Google Lens on a PC to convert handwritten content captured with a smartphone into digital text instead of typing it.

This method will demonstrate how simple it is to use Google Lens on any computer without downloading any software.

So I’ll take a jpg of handwritten text and convert it to any type of text file that can be edited with a text application.

Step 1

First, search Google for any image. Let’s look for a computer, so whatever you find, right-click on it and select “search image with Google lens.” When you search for an image with Google Lens, it will display Google Lens on the right side of the screen.

Step 1 | Bonsah

Step 2

Because we want to convert our own image to text, click the upper right-hand corner to open Google Lens in a new tab.

Step 2 | Bonsah

Step 3

The next step is to upload our jpg image to Google Lens. To upload from your computer, click the upload button in the upper right corner. Choose your jpg and upload it to Google Lens.

Step 3 | Bonsah

Step 4

After your image has been uploaded, click on the text button at the bottom of the image. If there is any text in the image, it will be highlighted.

Step 4 | Bonsah

Step 5

After the text has been highlighted, click on the “select all text” button on the right side to select all the text in the image.

Step 5 | Bonsah

Step 6

Then click “copy” next to the image to copy the text to the clipboard.

Step 6 | Bonsah

Finally, go to a text document or any text editor, and paste straight into the text.

From here, you can manipulate the text to make it as readable as possible.

Go to our blog section if you would like more quick tutorials like this.

Why Should You Use Google Lens?

Google Lens makes it possible to convert any photo into a searchable, text-based document. This means you can search the text on an image and search the photo for more photos that you can then copy and paste into a document.

Google Lens also allows you to search for and identify any image, whether it is an animal, a plant, art, or a landmark.

Google Lens can identify similar images or content within an image.

Simply uploading the image to Google Lens will provide you with more information about the object. Google Lens can help you identify objects such as books and restaurants and present you with reviews.


We work smart and not complicated. Google Lens is a tool that helps you work smart and also discover more about the world around you.

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